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Specific Services for a Specific Industry

Our mission is to empower MedTech startups to navigate the complex journey from concept to global market presence. We recognize the immense potential and critical need for innovative healthcare solutions in today's fast-paced world. By focusing on the unique challenges faced by startups in the MedTech sector, we provide the strategic support and guidance necessary to not only meet but exceed these demands.

A Dedicated Team of Entrepreneurs

Our international team stands at the forefront of the MedTech startup sector, specializing in propelling startups to expand their market reach, both domestically and internationally.

Strategic Advisory


Tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare technology sector, we offer insights and strategies to navigate market complexities, embrace innovation, and accelerate growth. Partner with us to shape the future of healthcare, leveraging our deep industry expertise for your competitive advantage.

Board Membership

International expansion is a strategic decision for MedTech companies. Our experts can help you build a board with the expertise to guide you.

Advisory Committee

Advisory committees help avoid common mistakes and make the most of a company's resources. With great advice, CEOs go further and faster.

Business Diagnostic

The best companies are data-driven. Diagnostics help you determine if you are on the right path and changes to be made to meet your goals

Cultural & Language Audit

Language is not the only difference between cultures, and an understanding of the mentalities helps you in identifying your customers and  market channels, as well as customizing your messages.

AI Adoption

Medtech companies will need to adopt AI to be competitive. AI will add value to gathering and analyzing market data, and reduce the burden of regulatory and analyzing business system data.

U.S. Market Opportunity Assessment

Unlock your pathway to success by learning about the health systems, industry, and market access, followed by targeted competitive analysis,and finally an evaluation of your product's market fit.

U.S. Market Entry Strategy Development

Prepare a successful launch in the U.S. market: Discover what it takes to succeed, strategize funding for expansion, develop your presence through advisors and fractional BD, and execute a strategic GTM and marketing plan

U.S. Market Entry Execution Support

Expand your activities in the U.S. through a strategic three-phase approach: Build key partnerships, navigate U.S. regulatory requirements, and streamline incorporation and operation management for success.

U.S. Market Entry Planning & Execution

Efficiently navigate your U.S. market entry with our expert planning and execution services. Tailored strategies ensure compliance, partnerships, and operational success for a seamless expansion. Start your journey to U.S. market leadership today.

Business & Team Development

We ensure MedTech companies, a successful and compliant market entry. From forging strategic partnerships and developing a local sales force to providing in-depth training on U.S. business practices and regulatory compliance, we pave the way for your business's seamless growth.

Business Development

Enhance your footprint in the U.S. market by testing your offer with potential partners, and strategically building your presence through targeted business development efforts.

Sales Team Development

Empower your expansion with a robust local sales team. From recruitment to training, we provide the support you need to develop a high-performing sales force attuned to the U.S. landscape.

Business Development & Marketing Training

Elevate your team's expertise with tailored training programs. Focus on understanding U.S. contracts, negotiations, and the cultural nuances critical for success in the U.S. market

Operational Excellence & Compliance

Ensure your operations are streamlined and compliant with U.S. regulations. From incorporation to ongoing management, our services are designed to mitigate risks and optimize your business processes

Learn from Experts: Mentoring & Networking Sessions

Sharpen your strategy with expert feedback and mentorship, while connecting with a network of high-potential global health tech leaders. Pitch to U.S. experts to improve your presentations.

Healthcare Ecosystem Engagement

Directly engage with key U.S. healthcare stakeholders, including major hospitals and investors.  Participate in conferences showcasing your technology to those who matter most, facilitating partnerships and investment opportunities.

Operational Launchpad

Establish your U.S. presence with access to office space for three months, offering a home base to operate, network, and grow. This operational support is crucial for navigating the initial stages of market entry and expansion.

Meet U.S. MedTech

Maximize your MedTech company's impact in the U.S. market with a custom-designed program to fast-track your expansion and ensure a successful entry.

Led by entrepreneurs

Discover our team of experienced entrepreneurs: We provide cross-functional expertise to optimize MedTech companies’ success.

Camille Bretagne, legal Coach chez 7Mountains

Olivier Njamfa

Founder & Business Mentor

25 years building tech
companies through a strategic definition and execution

Renée Meyer, Market Entry Mentor at 7Mountains

Renée Meyer

U.S. Market Entry Mentor

25 years as an intercultural facilitator bridging French and U.S. MedTech ecosystems.

Jennifer Indyk Legal Mentor at 7Mountains

Jennifer Indyk

Legal Mentor

17 years leading legal strategies for the life science industry

Adam Block Health Economics Mentor at 7Mountains

Adam Block

Health Economics Mentor

15 years of expertise in health economics, analytics, and policy management

Manon Maisonhaute, Digital Marketing Mentor chez 7Mountains

Manon Maisonhaute

Digital Marketing Mentor

3 years’ experience creating & implementing digital marketing strategies for international companies

Baptiste Laffond, finance Coach chez 7Mountains

Baptiste Laffond

Finance Mentor

15 years External CFO providing administrative and finance services

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