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A one-stop-shop with all the relevant business strategy, marketing, legal, finance, fundraising, talent and development skills in house to help you take your Tech company globally.

One-stop shop to help startups go global

We provide cross-functional expertises to optimize companies’ success. 

7 ways up to a sustainable global  expansion.

  • Advisory strategy
  • Market research
  • Legal 
  • Finance 
  • Fundraising 
  • Talent management
  • Business development 

What our clients say about us

“7Mountains was an investor at an early stage at ContentSquare and provided valuable advice helping the company to grow globally.”

Jonathan Cherky, CEO at ContentSquare


“At Humans4Help, we greatly appreciated the quality of 7Mountains' market survey expertise, they were cost-effective and quickly executed. We also benefited from wise advice on strategy and fundraising!”

Lila Benhammou, CEO at Humans4Help


In order to execute our international strategy, we needed advice and expertise on fundraising techniques at Xtramile. 7Mountains provided us with the mentoring we needed to push us to the winning direction!”

Xavier Ragage, CEO at Xtramile


When 7Mountains says One Stop Shop, they mean it. Their strategic advice and connection to experts in the fields needed at Videorunrun, enabled us to conquer the U.S. market."

Fabrice Courdesses, CEO at VideoRunRun


"The international experience of 7Mountains’ Sherpas was of great help to Smart Tribune. With personalized strategic advice and a thorough market research defining our market value and volume, we were ready to prepare our expansion to the UK market"

Jérémy Gallemard, CEO at Smart Tribune

Opening in a new market can be a challenge for startups

  • How do you get the relevant visas?
  • How do you navigate the complex laws around setting up a business and hiring?  

  • Do you need to change your positioning, marketing and sales strategy? 

  • How do you begin building your team in the new country?


But opening a new market is critical to success

  • Top European companies do business in the U.S.

  • Top U.S. companies do business in Europe

  • Investors look for global appeal when investing and assessing the market potential

Our vision: Entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs

There is no doubt that opening in a new market is a challenge but at 7Mountains, we’ve been through it all before. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we founded 7Mountains to help other entrepreneurs with their mission to take their business to a new country. We’ve built a team of experts in everything from business advisory, market research to legal, finance, fundraising and even talent management and business development support. Our background and team of sherpas mean we can be a one-stop shop for you to help with your goal of expanding globally.

Our team is based between London, New York and Paris.

Test your market expansion potential.
Are you ready?

How to expand with 7Mountains

Strategy advisory

7Mountains' methodology begins with drafting an international expansion strategy. We help you ask yourself all the right questions to increase your chance of success.

Market research

Every new market, has a different culture, buyer persona, purchasing process, competitors and status quo. 7Mountains' network will help you better understand your markets helping you succeed.


The legal layer of the land is complicated with various different levels of regulation in certain countries. From visas, to taxes and company setup, 7Mountains expert legal network will help you setup and thrive. 


Cash is king and well funded companies can turn ideas into reality. We ensure you find the financial solutions that best fit your needs and timeline.


Fundraising is finding the right investors who not only give you an important cash injection but open doors and increases your credibility. 7Mountains' global network will help you find the right partners.

Talent management

Opening in a new market means assembling complementary talents who are able to understand your company culture and introduce your offer to new customers. 7Mountains helps you identify the staff and first customers to kick start your new operations. 

Business development

The first customers are the difference between momentum and feeling stuck at the starting grid. Our business development team helps target and convert them into customers, positioning you for success.

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